Project Description

Cool Spaces : The Best New Houses

The stakes are high when a client decides they want to build their dream home. All sorts of design challenges stand in the way.It’s the great houses that meet the challenges and exceed everyone’s expectations. They over-deliver. “CoolSpaces” is a show that profiles these great houses and shows you what takes place behind the scenes.

Cool Spaces: The Best New Houses is a new television series that will profiles the most provocative and innovative houses in North America. Each hour-long episode will feature three houses and explore the design ideas that make them so compelling. For each house, we will see why it was designed, how it was designed and discover just what makes the house so cool. And we will introduce the team- the owner, architect and builder- and hear their stories about how the project became a reality. Guided by architect and teacher Stephen Chung, we set off to explore these questions and decide for ourselves if a house really is a “Cool Space”.